New Membership

2023 Membership Information

Family: A maximum of 2 adults who share a primary residence or are/were related by marriage, and includes legal parents/guardians and all dependents whose principal place of residence is the same as the parent/guardian.

One + One: One adult and one additional individual whose principal place of residence is the same.

Individual: Anyone who is 18 by opening day who does not qualify for another type of membership.

August Only: Registration for 2023 is Closed. All Spots have been filled. Limited memberships may be available and will be determined annually by the Board of Directors. Includes full access for a household to the facility from August 1, through the closing of the Pool in September, but not a right to vote.


Adult/Babysitter/Nanny: Includes anyone whose principal place of work or residence is the same as the member. They may use the facilities with or without the member(s) being present and have full access to the pool. Limit is 2. This fee is waived for individuals who are disabled and members of the military on active duty.

Special Guest Pass Offer: Purchase your guest passes with your membership dues and receive 8 passes for only $35. Purchase must be made when membership dues are paid. Passes are valid for the summer 2023 pool season only and will be available for pickup at the front desk after the pool opens. Passes must be purchased in increments of 8.

At all other times, guest passes are $7/adult (16+), and $5/child.

Type Initiation Fee* Annual Dues Total
Family $450 $680 $1130
One + One $450 $490 $940
Individual $450 $395 $845
Adult/Babysitter/Nanny $115 $115
August Only
August $250 $250

*Military Discount on Initiation Fee: We offer a reduced Initiation Fee of $225 for families in which one or both parents are on active military duty, or individuals who are on active military duty.

* Initiation Fee Payment Options: New members have the option of paying the initiation fee all at once or in 2 installments. If paid in installments, there will be a $25 processing fee per installment. The first installment (total of $250) is due with the application in addition to the annual dues. The second installment (total of $250) is due the following summer in addition to the annual dues.

* Payment Options: You can mail a check to 1301 Atwood Rd. Silver Spring, MD Attn: Teresa Smith, RH Treasurer. Or you may purchase your membership through our online store HERE. Both online registration forms and payment must be received in order to have an active membership.

Initiation Fee

A one-time non-refundable fee payable in full or over a 2 year span as stated above, upon membership acceptance or as provided by Robin Hood’s Board of Directors.

Annual Dues

Annual Dues are set each year by the Board of Directors and are payable by March 15th. A late fee of $25 will be assessed on annual membership dues paid after March 15th.

Inactive Fee

There is an annual $115 inactive fee that is assessed to any member who does not renew their annual dues. Inactive members are considered non-members and may not use the pool, other than as a guest of an active member.

Apply by Mail

Please reach out to [email protected] if you need paper membership forms.